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Vita-Age Aurum Active Pearl Serum

Vita-Age Aurum Active Pearl Serum

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Vita-age is an Italien brand, a complete face line to fight ageing and delay the action of free radicals. The secret? Thymus Serpillus and Lupinus Albus extracts, which contain legume proteins and flavonoids, for an immediate tensing effect. In addition, the white grape extract reinforces and protects the skin, while the vegetable ceramides and the pool of vitamins re-hydrate and regenerate the tissues. Vita Age is a real elixir to prevent and reduce wrinkles.



Precious beauty serum, with pearls texture, it’s a smoothing, Leveling and Corrective antiaging treatment. It Minimizes aging signs, slowing down age. Refined and precious pearls texture that provides to your face powerful antiaging, brightening, anti-oxidant and nourishing active ingredients. The skin appears more healthy, moisturized and fresh. Concentrated formulation rich of Hyaluronic acid, Anti-wrinkle peptides, Leopontium Alpinum (edelweiss) stem cells, Elastin and Vitamins, which not only noticeably reduces the wrinkles, but also helps to minimize the formation of new ones. Lifeless skin tone will revitalize. A new light will brighten the face, illuminating the skin. Formula free from Alcohol, Parabens, Petrolates, Allergens, Colorants and Silicons. Gluten Free – Suitable for vegans. Dermatologically tested – Nichel test; 30ml


How to use :

Apply the product on face, neck and decolleté, with circular movements. 

Medaid's recommendation:

Vita-Age is a real elixir to prevent and reduce wrinkles. We highly recommend it.

30 ML

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    Due of the nature of this product and for sanitary reasons, exchanges and returns are not permitted.