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Poo Pourri

Before You Go Poo Pourri Spray - Autumn Air - 59ml

Before You Go Poo Pourri Spray - Autumn Air - 59ml

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The "Poo Pourri Before You Go Spray - Autumn Air" is a delightful and effective bathroom product designed to eliminate unwanted odors before they escape into the air. Infused with the inviting essence of autumn, this spray transforms your bathroom experience into a refreshing and seasonal delight.


Introducing the Poo Pourri Before You Go Spray in the captivating "Autumn Air" scent. This innovative bathroom spray offers a breath of fresh air, quite literally, to your daily routine. Embrace the cozy and comforting aroma of autumn while maintaining a discreet and pleasant bathroom environment.

Key Features:

1. Odor Neutralization: This powerful spray creates a protective barrier on the water's surface, effectively capturing and neutralizing odors before they can permeate the air. Bid farewell to embarrassing bathroom moments and say hello to a fragrance-filled sanctuary.

2. Autumn-Inspired Fragrance: "Autumn Air" encapsulates the essence of the season with its warm, earthy, and slightly spicy aroma. It not only eliminates odors but also imparts a delightful, comforting scent to your bathroom.

3. User-Friendly Design: With an easy-to-use spray mechanism, this product is simple and convenient for anyone to use. Just shake, spritz a few times before you go, and you're ready for an odor-free bathroom experience.

4. Travel-Ready: The compact size of the bottle makes it perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you're at home, in the office, or traveling, you can carry this discreet spray with you wherever you need it.

5. Environmentally Conscious: Poo Pourri products are crafted with eco-friendly ingredients and packaging, ensuring that your choice is both effective and responsible.

Directions for Use:

1. Shake the bottle well before each use.
2. Spray 3-5 times onto the water's surface in the toilet bowl before using.
3. The formula forms a protective barrier that traps odors beneath the surface.
4. Carry on with your bathroom routine with confidence, knowing that unpleasant odors are under control.
5. Flush as usual and exit the bathroom, leaving behind the refreshing scent of "Autumn Air."

The Poo Pourri Before You Go Spray in "Autumn Air" is more than just a bathroom spray; it's a way to infuse the spirit of fall into your personal care routine. Enjoy the season to the fullest, and let this spray help you maintain a fragrant and cozy bathroom atmosphere all year round.

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    Due of the nature of this product and for sanitary reasons, exchanges and returns are not permitted.