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Hello Bello

Hello Bello - Baby Shampoo/Wash Lavender - 296ml

Hello Bello - Baby Shampoo/Wash Lavender - 296ml

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Four essentials to clean, soothe &calm a congested infant so they can breathe easy
Nose Frida snot Sucker nasal aspirator for newborn to toddler age, removes congestion and runny nose the natural way
Paci medicine dispenser for accurate dose of cough Syrup, fever medicine, or mucus Relief
2-In-1 snot wipe + vapor rub to clean stuffy nose Boogies + soothe with Aloe, chamomile, eucalyptus
Breathe Frida vapor rub is a great organic alternative to other ointments, baby rubs, + vapor rubs
When baby goes viral (and not in the millions of followers way), theres no time to fuss around. Our sick day kit contains the tools you need to fight whatevers ailing your kiddo, all in one grab-and-go package. Suck out those stubborn boogers with nose Frida the SnotSucker, and give baby the right dose of medicine, sans spit-ups, with Med if rid a the ACCU-DOSE Pacifier. Breathe Frida the snot wipes pack helps clean snotty noses on-the-go, while breathe Frida the vapor rub chest balm helps soothe congested airways. We recommend stocking up your nursery before illness hits so youre ready to play nurse at a moment's notice.
Product Dimensions: 19.99 x 6.99 x 23.75 cm
Package Dimensions: 8 x 18.4 x 20.2 cm
Weight: 0.32KG
Shipping Weight: 0.59KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 0 month and above

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    Due of the nature of this product and for sanitary reasons, exchanges and returns are not permitted.